Welcome to ‘Cinnamon Loves’!

Just like TayTay (& many more!) said: Haters gon’ hate… but I can’t let that stop me from blogging!


I was scared to death to launch my new blog. Scared. To. Death! Blogging is not what it use to be and I have no idea what I’m doing now. And the blog world we live in now is all about blog wars, blog cliques, blog networks, only blogging if you’re going to get paid for it, attending every single event you’re invited to, endorsing products whether you love them or hate them but because you’re getting them for free. It’s really a blog-eat-blog world out there lately. But that’s when I got to thinking… Who am I really blogging for? The haters and the negative people? Hell no! Myself and my readers? Yes! Blog wars are never going to stop, blog cliques will always be around, and if I keep thinking about the haters and those few select “established bloggers” (you know who you are!) that look down on us “newbie baba bloggers”, I’ll never get to launching my new blog, getting my creative outlet out there, and I just can’t let the few insignificant¬†people get to me.

So, here it is, a MASSIVE work in progress that I absolutely had to launch now, with a lot (seriously, A LOT!) of growing to do, starting from the very bottom again, but I’m doing this because writing is a passion I have, and I’m letting y’all into my personal creative little outlet (and to put my journalism qualification to good use!)… Cinnamon Loves!¬†


PS: Keep an eye out for my first official post in a couple of days and a really cool kickstart competition!